Shareholders’ AGM

Annual General Meeting 2018

The Fox & Goose will be holding an annual general meeting on Saturday, 21st April 2018 at 12pm in St James The Great Church, Church Lane, Hebden Bridge, HX7 6DS. Please download the documents below, including information and a nomination form to become a Director.


AGM Notification and Agenda 2018

Information for Potential Directors 2018

Director Nomination Form 2018

Director Nomination Form 2018 ( Word )

2018 AGM – Chair’s Report

2018 AGM – Treasurer’s Report

2018 AGM – Treasurer’s Report – App A 2018 Budget

2018 AGM – Fox & Goose (Hebden Bridge) Ltd._Report & Accounts_YE31.12.2017


Directors Nomination form (please print and complete then scan and send to or deliver to the Fox or to a director, if you experience difficulty with this link please find the text of the form that can be copied and pasted at the bottom of this page):


2017 AGM minutes


Archived documents for earlier years AGMs and General Meetings:

AGM 2017

The Fox and Goose’s fourth AGM was held on the 22nd April 2017, the minutes of the meeting can be downloaded below:

2017 AGM Documents


Chair’s Report

Shareholder Consultation March 2017 Report

Shareholder Consultation March 2017 Data

Treasurer’s Report

2016 Accounts

2017 Budget



General Meeting 2016

F&G GM Minutes 08/10/16


AGM 2016

The Fox and Goose’s third AGM was held on the 16th April 2016, the minutes of the meeting can be downloaded below:

F&G AGM Minutes 16/04/16


AGM 2015

The Fox and Goose’s second AGM was held on Saturday 11th April 2015, the minutes of the meeting can be downloaded below:


AGM 2014

Please see below for the minutes from the Shareholders AGM held on the 26th April 2014.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the minutes, if you don’t already have a copy of Adobe Acrobat you may download it from here.

F&G AGM Minutes 260414AM


The 2018 AGM Director Nomination form:-

The Fox and Goose (Hebden Bridge) Limited Nomination Form for Election to the Board of Directors April 2018

Nominee Details:

Title: Surname:
First Name: Middle Name(s):
Post Code:
Home Tel No: Mobile Tel No:
Email: Date of Birth:
Nationality: Country of Residence:
Business Occupation (if any):


Please give overleaf information that you feel is relevant to your nomination as a Director of The Fox and Goose (Hebden Bridge) Limited.  The Directors need, between them, to have the following skills / knowledge in order to strategically manage the Fox and Goose (Hebden Bridge) Limited:

Finance / budgets, human resources, facilities management, premises maintenance, strategic planning and marketing/communications. We would particularly welcome nominations from individuals with website / social media skills.  IT skills or a willingness to acquire them would be highly desirable.  Please refer to the Rules, available on the Fox and Goose website, regarding the term of office and powers of the Board of Directors.

The details you give overleaf are intended to assist in the selection process and will be made available to all shareholder members to inform voting at the annual general meeting on 21st April 2018.  Please do not exceed the word limit of 300 words.

All nominations, regardless of age (Directors have to be aged 18 or over), disability, race, sexual orientation, faith / belief, are welcomed.

Career/professional background






Other relevant information, eg qualifications, experience, personal qualities







Your vision for the Fox and Goose






I hereby agree to my nomination as a Director of The Fox and Goose (Hebden Bridge) Limited.



Signature of Nominee:                                                      Date:



Please submit your nomination by 14th April 2018, preferably via email, to


Those without access to email should submit their nominations in paper format in a sealed envelope to the Fox and Goose’s registered address below.

The Fox and Goose(Hebden Bridge) Limited, 7 Heptonstall rd, Hebden Bridge, HX7 6AZ.

Information for potential directors, 2018:


The Fox and Goose (Hebden Bridge) Limited Information for Potential Directors April 2018


Thank you for taking the first step to potentially becoming a Director at the Fox and Goose:  ie reading this information pack.

Things are settling down at the Fox and Goose with our Pub Manager, Hannah Thurman, now firmly in place (albeit currently on Maternity Leave with Julia Andrus acting Pub Manager).  It’s a great time for shareholder members to get more involved in the Fox and Goose.

We realise that not everyone is keen on attending meetings or speaking in public.  For that reason, Jonny Owen and George Parker, two of the current Directors, will be in the Fox and Goose next Tuesday and Wednesday (April 10th and 11th), between 18.30 and 20.30. Please do go along to meet them, they will be glad to have a chat over a pint.

Below is some background information about the pub (many of you will have first-hand knowledge!), its journey to becoming a co-operative pub and the governance/ management structure.

Following that, there is some information about what it means to be a Director at the Fox and Goose and what support/training is available.

The Pub

The Fox & Goose is a small, co-operatively-owned free house.  It is a traditional, wet-sales only pub offering an ever-changing range of hand-pulled beers as well as a range of quality bottled beers, ciders, wines and spirits. The Fox & Goose is listed in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2018 and has Cask Marque accreditation.

The harvest and beer festivals are very popular, catering for seasoned cask ale and cider drinkers as well as people yet to experience the wide range available.  The Fox & Goose is well placed to take an active part in CAMRA’s LocAle campaign to promote local beers and ciders, having a number of excellent local small breweries on its doorstep and in neighbouring towns/cities.  In response to customer demand, we now have a permanent pump with vegan/vegetarian real ale.

The Fox & Goose has a loyal group of ‘regulars’, as well as attracting lovers of real ale, walkers and tourists.  Pub regulars run a weekly quiz, music sessions, games nights and walks and it is also a venue for regular community group meetings.

The Fox & Goose has benefitted from regulars and shareholder members volunteering to redecorate the pub and undertake work to a high standard, such as the recent new bar and redecorated music and darts rooms.  In addition, the festival bars are staffed by volunteers.

The pub was redecorated one week prior to re-opening as a co-operative pub in March 2014.  Since then, essential refurbishment to improve the customer experience includes new toilets, a stone-flagged floor, new/re-upholstered furniture, new curtains, improved ventilation, painting the outside of the building, a more ‘snug’ upper back room, a new larger bar and new fridges. We have also improved access into and within the pub, including a hearing induction loop.

The Staff

The staff team comprises a full-time Pub Manager, a Deputy Manager, a Cellar Person and part-time bar staff and cleaners.  As a minimum, staff are paid the Living Wage, as defined by The Living Wage Foundation, which gives the pub the ‘edge’ when it comes to staff recruitment.

Co-operative Governance, Management Structure and Responsibilities

Regulars and supporters from the local community came together to register the Fox & Goose with the local authority as a community asset.  They formed and registered “The Fox and Goose (Hebden Bridge) Limited” with the Financial Conduct Authority and that entity bought the land and premises in March 2014.  The primary objective was to keep the pub open as a traditional ‘local’ and run it as a profitable business.  It is now running successfully as the first co-operative pub in West Yorkshire with 280 shareholder members.

The shareholder members elect the Management Committee (Directors).  The Management Committee is the employer and recruits the Pub Manager to run the pub on behalf of the shareholders.  The Pub Manager recruits, manages and appraises the staff team.  The Management Committee and Pub Manager are supported by a paid bookkeeper and accountant.

The Pub Manager is responsible for all aspects of running the pub and is accountable to the Management Committee, reporting to them at monthly meetings.

The Management Committee has a strategic role, ie oversight and overall responsibility.  The Management Committee is accountable to the shareholder members and reports to them via newsletters, consultations/surveys and general meetings.  The Management Committee comprises up to seven directors, three of whom have ‘officer’ roles, ie Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

What does it mean to be a Director at the Fox and Goose?

People from all types of backgrounds are welcome.  Previous experience of being a Director isn’t necessary!  What you really need is the wish to support the Fox and Goose to continue to be a great community pub.  It’s that simple.

The existing Directors support new Directors in order to get them up to speed.  For example, we might arrange for a 1:1 pre-meeting with a new Director to go through the papers before a formal, monthly Directors’ meeting.  In addition, support and training is available from other organisations (see in particular Co-operatives UK and the Plunkett Foundation below). Co-operative UK’s The Essential Director gives you an overview of the role of a Director.

The Fox and Goose is a member of Co-operatives UK, a national organisation based in Manchester which promotes co-operatives and provides training and support. In addition, training and support is available for Directors through The Plunkett Foundation.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Director at the Fox and Goose.  If you would like to talk it through, please do come along to the Fox and Goose to meet Jonny Owen and George Parker, two of the current Directors, at the Fox and Goose next Tuesday and Wednesday (April 10th and 11th), between 18.30 and 20.30.

If you would like to submit a nomination to become a Director, please complete the nomination form and return it by 14th April 2018

The Fox and goose.

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