Strike fear creates beer drought panic!

Publicans at the Fox and Goose pub in Hebden Bridge were most concerned when they heard on the news about an impending fuel tanker strike.
They feared the consequences if real ale lovers were deprived of their favourite tipple and the knock-on effects this might have. So they issued some sound advice to drinkers “Please panic buy” and posted it on a billboard outside the pub.
Fox and Goose manager Trevor Cobb explained: “The fear was that if tankers didn’t turn up with the deliveries, our regulars, denied their usual pint ,would be unable to relax over the weekend. This would probably render them incapable of working due to the stress and eventually the whole economy could grind to a halt.
“We felt the best thing they could do was come along and fill their jerry cans full of their favourite ale and keep a supply in the garage or in their fridge.”
Luckily the crisis was staved off for the time being but at least now Fox and Goose regulars know how to “be prepared.”
But there’s one thing that will not run dry at the Fox and Goose and that’s the supply of community spirit. Regulars and locals are rallying round to save the popular pub from closure when the landlady Julia Warren retires shortly due to ill-health.
The ‘Fox Friends’ are working towards buying out the Fox, in Heptonstall Road, Hebden Bridge and turning it into West Yorkshire’s first Co-operative pub. So far, there are 100 Fox Friends members and the numbers are growing daily. They are determined to retain its traditional real ale pub character, rather than letting it fall into the hands of a large chain, or allowing it to be shut down with the building sold for another use.