Friends of the Fox and Goose – Steering Group

The Interim Steering Group Committee, with the intended aim of determining the viability of changing the ownership of the Fox and Goose into a co-operative, as elected by those present at the meeting of 28th February 2012 is:
Chair:Dave Young
Secretary:    Anna Rexon
Treasurer:    Jonny Owens
Project Officers:    Rachel Baines-Holmes
Trevor Cobb
Gerry Crookes
Peter Hayward
Drew Magiera

What happened was:

1. We agreed a constitution for the Interim Steering Group
2. We elected the Interim Steering Group
3. Hannah Nadim gave a quick update of our meeting with the Plunkett Foundation and the Community Pubs Network; points to take away from this include…

We can take advantage of the expertise offered by the Plunkett Foundation (which is considerable) including – 4 days consultancy in the set up of the cooperative.
We are not acting alone – we are gaining advice and support from people who have been through this process previously.

4. Jon Owen proposed a timeline for the set up of the co-operative; points to take away from this include…

The current elected Steering Group is not the same body that will be responsible for buying or running the pub. They are an interim group who will research whether it is possible for the pub to become a co-operative and will support the transition to becoming one. Another election will take place if this group finds that the option of becoming a co-operative is a viable one.

The constitution as agreed is posted up in the Fox or is available here: FoF_constitution.

The Committee will meet soon and communicate progress to interested parties ASAP.

Poster: foxf_120307

A recording of this election meeting is available: here.