Trip & Stumble Live Sunday 24th Sept


Folkadelic outfit Trip & Stumble will be performing in the Fox & Goose on the afternoon of Saturday 24th September! The event is sponsored by Hebden’s V & A Collective (Vegan and Awesome!!) and we’ll also be launching our dedicated vegan beer pump!

The original line-up of Nelson (long-serving bass player for New Model Army) and John Rigby have reformed for the first time in 19 years for a weekend of gigs in West Yorkshire.

Join them and take a stroll along Copperhead Road on a Sunny Afternoon and watch the Ghost Riders In The Sky as they find out What Goes On in Istanbul.

If you have some Whisky In The Jar you can be a Rudy and Take Your Clothes Off, though you might Blister In The Sun. Look out for the Police & Thieves and don’t get caught Hunting Tigers or you could end up a Deadman.

You can Paint It Black with Billy The Barber and wake up with a Ring Of Fire but don’t feel like you’re Hangin’ ‘Round because it’s all just the Spirit Of The Age.

And don’t forget, there may be Sexy Monsters From Outer Space but even the Master Of The Universe sits down at the end of the night for a couple of hot drinks with The Ovaltinies.

So bring Delilah, Sally Maclennane, Horace The Geek and the Urban Spaceman because when it comes down to it I’m A Believer!

We’re really looking forward to this one!